Premium Topsoil

Our Soil is Tested to Show Premium Quality

Country Topsoil & Aggregate is inspired by the possibilities of today’s landscaping materials. We carry only the highest quality topsoil. Call for Quote.

Your New Local Supplier of Premium Topsoil. We offer our products for sale at wholesale prices. We can deliver this product in bulk to any location surrounding Lethbridge. Finely screened and abundant in nutrients, Country Topsoil Premium Topsoil is a great foundation for sod or as an enhancement for most gardens. You can use it to top dress your lawn or grow your vegetables and flowers or even fill in that slightly low area on your property.

We provide Lethbridge’s best topsoil. Terra Soil has learned from 45 years of experience in topsoil screening. Terra Soil is happy to carry on the tradition of quality that was found with Bzdell’s Topsoil. We deliver and sell on site.

Natural high quality compost is also available. Call us today.

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